Bistro Meal

Includes soup, salad and bread

Choose your Quiche

Our quiche are made from cheese, eggs and either milk or cream. Ask your surver for full details

Camembert and salmon smoke quiche
Spanish and goat cheese quiche
Lorraine quiche

Crepe with ham
Mushroom, béchamel and cheese

Smoked salmon crepe
Béchamel, onion and cheese

Croque Monsieur with Ham
Ham, cheese, mozzarella and béchamel croque monsieur

Croque Monsieur with Smoked Salmon
Smoked salmon with Swiss cheese, onion and béchamel croque monsieur

French baguette with Trappists cheese
Onions, mushroom, Trappist’s chesse mozzarella

Add ham

Ratatouille and rice